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Mine on left

Mine on left

5 7 2014rom

Cheerful colors!








It can be hard to know who to contact when you are in another state or country & want to order from a local business. You have to rely on website pics & maybe a referral or Reviews online.

I got an email from EUROPE! for a local delivery. She mentioned a pic from my website she liked (pink & yellow), I confirmed a price & the paypal bill was sent. My flowers seen here were a min. of $20 less than the ones on the right. The pink roses were fresh & nothing was “wrong” with them, just very simple with a lot of greens.

What I want to share is the other florist has overhead (building, employees, having to keep stock, etc..) This makes it hard for the general florist to make ends meet. Hence the higher cost. They have nice & tidy web layouts & you just pick & go.

If you look through my site it is much more generic, but ALL are arrangements I made.  I generally can get close to what you want (color or flower).  She desired pink & yellow.  My flowers have their own style, I just don’t do “stock” – I try!  I am more artsy, don’t have a boss telling me to do it this or that  & the flowers really come together as they will.

So if you want to save a little $$ or rather get more for your $$ – give me a try. I always hope to please & try hard to make your gift the best I can! Thanks for reading!!

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