If you are in a serious budget crunch & have to do your own flowers – talk to me 1st. Often scaling back still gets you professionally finished wedding bouquets, other times the best way is DIY. I can get your flowers & you can put them together. You pay for my time of ordering & picking them up etc…. My only concern is the stress level you may encounter for doing it yourself can often be too much for you, the bride. You should think of others ways to cut costs so you can afford to pay for the worker bee (ME!) to make this a happy – less stressed – DAY for you!! Some ways are doing away with the traditional catered meal. Many are switching to Potluck type where the invited guests bring a dish to share. This usually only works when the reception is somewhere like a private home, school, uncatered building rentals, etc… Maybe your friends don’t mind having only coffee, punch, cake & some treats on the tables. They know & love you & know if you are in a money crunch. The food usually isn’t in all your wedding pictures BUT the FLOWERS usually are!! They need to look great!


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    Excellent web site. A lot of helpful information here. 5/2013

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